5 Reasons You Need Storage Protection

1. Like home rental, storage facilities do not insure your belongings, only the building.

2. Claim won't impact your homeowners policy & we cover more!

3. No Deductible as long as you use a disc lock!  Otherwise it's $200.

4. Protect yourself from your neighbors.

5. Seamless integration with rent = one monthly payment.

Multiple Coverage Options To Ensure You're Fully Protected

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by the Tenant Protection program?

Our Tenant Protection program covers you in case of loss or damage to your stored goods from fire/smoke, theft or vandalism, water damage (excluding flooding), moth/insect/rodent or vermin (covered up to $500), hail, lightning, explosion, building collapse, falling objects and sinkhole collapse. For Burglary, there must be visible signs of forced entry and a police report must be filed. 

What kinds of property is not covered by the Tenant Protection program?

Some of the items not covered are as follows: valuable documents, lottery tickets, financial records, electronic data, currency, deeds, securities, firearms, ammunition, stolen goods or contraband.  The Protection Plan does not protect motor vehicles, boats or other property if stored outdoors.

When can I expect to receive my policy?

You will receive proof of coverage upon purchase.

How much of my loss can I recover?

Generally, you can recover today's value of your stored belongings (original cost minus depreciation), up to the amount of protection coverage you purchased. Some limitations apply. Consult the protection addendum for details.

Are my stored possessions covered by my homeowner/renter policy?

Some homeowners/renters insurance policies do cover storage units, but may have you paying a deductible of $5000 or more.  Filing claims with homeowners insurance is also risky because your rates could go up or your policy could be canceled altogether.  With Tenant Protection there is no deductible, and the claim doesn't stay on any personal insurance record.

How To Make A Claim

If the claim involves any type of crime make sure you file a police report first.

Take photos of any damage to your items and/or storage unit.

Notify the facility manager.

File your claim and submit supporting documentation online 24/7 at www.easystoragesolutions.com/tpp

For assistance filing your claim online call toll free 833-682-8879 Mon - Fri, 8AM - 5PM MT